Software Development

We have decades of experience developing leading-edge software applications to our customers’ exacting standards that exceed their expectations. We do this quickly in an iterative process that provides immediate value and continuous user feedback. The applications we develop are enterprise quality, integrated with corporate systems / data and above all secure. Our applications run, out of the box on both PC and Mac, all major browsers, as well as mobile devices, both Android and Apple iOS.


We can quickly and cost-effectively deliver these solutions because we work with leading-edge tools that support efficiency and above all we only hire the very best people. Combining talented people with exceptional technology and a proven delivery process allow us to deliver amazing results other development companies can only dream of.


Catalyst is a development partner that has helped hundreds of customers deliver quality solutions

When working on a project we consider ourselves to be in partnership with our customers. This is the only way we can be certain that everyone on our team is focused on providing the absolute best service every single day. Working with our customers we provide the following key software development services.

Analysis and Design

You can only build the right solution if you are first able to understand the challenges your customers face. That is why we put emphasis on working with customers to quickly understand the needs of the business and succinctly document specific requirements.


That does not mean we spend months talking about solutions and writing long documents that no one ever reads. We have found that approach simply does not work. What we do instead is conduct short meetings, one to two hours, with key users and domain experts to create a short concise document that the developers can use to move forward. Then we quickly produce a working application and show it to the users for feedback. The Analysts continue working with the client as the Developers refine the solution until it is exactly what is required.

Data Architecture

This job is not just about setting and managing a single database for a specific application, that’s simple and any of our developers can do it. Data Architects are responsible for providing a standard common business vocabulary, determining strategic data requirements and outlining the integrated design that meets these requirements. A Data Architect must align the enterprise’s strategy and related business architecture to maximize the value obtained from the data the company owns.


Not all projects require a Data Architect. In fact, many applications have relatively simple data management needs that can be easily dealt with by our developers; however, serious enterprise applications have complex integration requirements. For these projects we have talented team members that make sure the data foundations are done right, the first time.

Product Development

Developing custom enterprise applications for some of the most demanding customers in the world is challenging but it is nothing compared to developing software products for those same industries.


Software products, unlike custom solutions, are not just used by a few employees or even a few hundred; they are used by thousands of users around the world and because our customers’ customers use these products, if they don’t work perfectly every time it is a huge problem.


We have developed products for some of the largest companies in the world. These customers have hired us to develop mission-critical software products for them and trusted us to create solutions that they sold to their customers under their own name and we feel we earned that trust by always providing exceptional solutions.


Exceptional value can be obtained by solutions that do not reinvent the wheel but integrate and extend existing systems in such a way as to provide data and functionality to more users in unique ways. Our customers have spent years developing, purchasing and installing software that provides specific functionality to a certain users. We have found that there is immense value in integrating and extending these applications to more users in new ways, giving them the ability to do their jobs better.


Integration can also include connecting your systems with customers, partners and vendors.


We specialize in creating integrated solutions that empower our customers to be more efficient, effective and most importantly, profitable.

Project Management

Project Management is required to consistently deliver results. Hope is not a strategy. Project management provides a framework to help accomplish goals because we know that goals without execution are only dreams. Every project is unique, but they all begin with an idea that can produce a potentially great outcome if that idea is guided into reality.


Our Project Managers get things done by following a proven successful process. Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, communicating, and closing-out every last task requires a team member on the project who owns that responsibility.


That is why we assign a Project Manager to every engagement, no matter how large or small. Our customers' applications are important and deserve the attention needed to make them successful.

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