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At Catalyst we believe that working with the most talented people improves not only the end product but also the work experience for everyone on the team. If you believe that you are the best at what you do and are looking for a challenging and rewarding work environment, please drop us a line. We are looking for:

Software Developers

If you are a passionate problem solver with impressive technical skills and a willingness to learn, we want to talk to you. We are looking for people with a strong teamwork mentality, a solid business perspective and above all people skills. You should have the ability to plan, a willingness to research problems, grace under fire and the ability to handle failure when things inevitably go wrong. You always seek simple elegant solutions and you have a respect for deadlines. Oh… and it would be nice if you know Java, C# and SQL but we are willing to train and work with you to gain those skills if you are an ideal fit for our team.


Data Architects

If you have been a well-respected and influential member of the teams you have been part of in the past: articulate, persuasive and enthusiastic, you may be a fit for our team in this role. You have a foundation in system development, depth in data modeling / database design and breadth in established and emerging data technology, but remain technologically and politically neutral, always looking for the correct solution to each problem. You astutely operate within large organizations conceiving and portraying the big data picture while emphasizing methodology, modeling and governance.

Project Managers

Good project managers are hard to find and great project manager are truly rare. Great project managers command authority naturally and display grace under pressure. A great project manager will possess the critical business attributes to execute strategic initiatives quickly and effectively, to help customers respond to the rapid pace of change. They possess quick sorting abilities, knowing what to act on and what to ignore. They prioritize by handling fewer emails and attending fewer meetings but communicate on a regular schedule. They are problem solvers, proactively exploring solutions outside their normal environment. They ask good questions and listen to the people who know the answers. They use information as a social lubricant to make everyone more productive, not as a weapon or means of control. Most of all they look forward to going to work and love their role. If this describes you, contact us immediately.

Business Analysts

Your passion is helping people solve complex problems by providing elegant solutions. You have a solid understanding of technology, the tools and techniques used to develop enterprise applications and commercial software products. You love to solve business problems and use your people skills to help guide customers to the best solution. Of course you have exceptional communication and writing skills and you are easy to get along with. If you think this describes you, we would like to talk more.




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