Decades of leading-edge development experience


As early as 1996 the founders of Catalyst were developing enterprise applications in Objective C and Java. Catalyst was established in 1998 to develop leading edge software solutions that would take full advantage of the emerging Internet and the exciting possibilities it offered our customers.


Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta we initially focused our efforts on solving the complex problem of integrating real-time systems and enterprise accounting software within the oil & gas industry. Catalyst developed some of the first major Java-based oil & gas enterprise applications and real-time systems in the world and our customer base quickly expanded to include electrical and water utilities, mining and process manufacturing.


Our experience in integrating automation control and ERP systems led to us working for mamy of the largest automation software vendors including: Siemens, Schneider Electric and Rockwell Automation as well as other major corporation.


A track record of successfully delivering mission critical solutions allowed us to further expand our customer base to include customers in the financial markets, military defense, casinos and major retailers.


At our core, we have always remained a software development company. Our highly experienced team of senior analysts, architects, developers and project managers have a passion to use leading-edge technology to allow our customers to create strategic information systems that provide a sustainable competitive advantage.


We are strong believers in focusing on what we do best: building high quality custom software quickly using the latest tools. This approach gives us an unparalleled track record in delivering custom applications and commercial software products. Over the years we have worked in a number of leading-edge technologies; however, we have always remained close to our roots, the development of Java-based enterprise applications and commercial products.


Enabling Change