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Mobility: We know it is critical for users to be able to access data and do their job: at work, at home or on the road. It is important recognize that users will not just be your employees. Your applications may need to be accessed by partners, customers, vendors and other third parties to provide maximum efficiency to your business. That is why we specialize in delivering Internet-based solutions that run on Windows PCs and Mac OS X, in all the popular web browsers, on Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) mobile devices out of the box.

Functionality: Business users do not care what programming language an application is written in, what database it uses, or what tools were used to develop the solution. They only care about two things: does the system do what I need it to do and is the interface easy to use. We pride ourselves on being able to understand the complex issues business people face, capture their requirements concisely and deliver an elegant solution that exceeds their expectations.

Security: When developing Internet-based applications, security is paramount. We specialize in working with customers that have valid security issues and we take those concerns, and the security of their systems and data, seriously. We build in security at every level of the enterprise applications we deliver and work closely with our customers to continue to safeguard their solutions throughout the system’s lifecycle.

The days of developing applications for one OS, web browser or platform and then having to pay to port it to others should be over. Developing an application just to find out it does not work on all browsers should be a thing of the past. Catalyst delivers quality solutions that work across all OS platforms and browsers quickly and cost effectively.

Web App Development

Businesses can no longer tolerate islands of software. Enterprise applications must integrate with complex data-intensive backend systems. We have extensive experience in the integration of data and enterprise systems in some of the most demanding environments in the world.

Custom Integration

There was a time when developing a mobile version of your application was an afterthought. That is no longer true. Business people are expected to do more and work effectively from anywhere, anytime and they need applications to support them. That is why we deliver applications that work just as good on the go as in the office.




Mobile App Development

Customers are looking for a development partner that can take a project from inception to deployment. Our team has expertise in business and data analysis, enterprise application design, commercial quality software development and project management.

Delivering the right solution

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3. Project Management

We feel that users should not tolerate development projects that take months or years to deliver results. They  should demand immediate value from software that runs on desktops as well as mobile devices without additional cost. We believe they deserve enterprise applications that meet their needs and can be quickly deployed.  Catalyst excels at delivering these kinds of solutions…

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